Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday September 4, 2009

Hi everyone,
Its been so long since I have been able to blog it feels weird. So I am sure most have heard by now but Jeff and Madison are leaving around 9PM ET ( 4AM Ukraine time) for the airport in Kiev to start the journey home. Finally the journey to bring our angel home has arrived. When we title the blog we probably didn't see it as a journey but gosh what a wonderful journey it has been.
Webster defines the word JOURNEY: as something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another As I reflect back to the beginning the journey symbolized the actual act of traveling to the Ukraine to get Nina. Just zoom over there meet some people, pay some money , sign some papers, make her love us and zoom home back to normal I should have really read the definiton before. Our journey has taken us to a place Jeff and I have never been before as a married couple not just in the since of to new places but as a couple who since before we were married having always had Josh we got to experience things other couples did before children, that was nice. I got use to it to tell you the truth. Even though during the day we had Madison we still had alot of time to just be a couple and talk and laugh and just be relaxed with each other. Our Journey also took us from one place in our life to another. The place we were at was lets raise these children and get one with our lives the place we are at now is lets watch our children grow up and make our life in which they always want to share it with us. Then the Madison Jeff Gordan has taken us on so many car journey's to get this little girl. The trip to the sea to meet her, the trip to Madison's home town to seperate her from her previous family, the trip to Yalta to give her a day at the beach, the many trips to the courthouse, the trips to the orphanage and finally the trip to the airport to leave. There has been so many obstabcles that have been placed in front of us and times when we really thought our hearts were physcially breaking if we ask ourself was it worth it and would we do it again absolutely we are going to.. we have a little girl still there so our job is not done and she begged Jeff to not forget her and please come back so no matter what we will be back to get her. Jeff's heart broke as he left the orphanage for the last time saying goodbye to Tonya and watching Madison cry as she left her siblings and friends it truly was bittersweet. Jeff and I will never be the same people we were when we left and for that I am thankful. It has made us softer and more apprecitative and able to prioritized the important things in life and truly disregard the things that are trival and unimportant. So I ask for prayers for safe travel as Jeff and Madison arrive home. I also want to say thank you for your emails and comments many days it was those correspondenses that kept our heads held up. They will arrive on Sat at 5:23 pm and all is welcome to come to the airport to welcome them.

I also thought I would give a total talley of the Dziedzic's at 1011 Gagel it is
1 Dad (Papa)
1 Mom
3 Sons
2 Daughters ( 1 legal 1 pending)
1 Daughter in Law
1 Pending Daughter in Law ( just waiting on the invite from Trev)
1 Grandson ( Eli)
4 Dogs
1 Cat
2 Chincilla's
= 17
Wow.....Christmas is sounding expensive but fun this year...
Jeff , Donna, Madison, Josh, Trevor, Zach, Allison, Tonya and Diane


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. I can't wait to travel the Journey to bring Tonya home. As I have gotten older life has gotten more exciting! :~)

  2. Thanks for sharing and touching our hearts. Connie Maddie and Ian